Innovators succeed by breaking the rules.

- Vadim Kotelnikov


We are constantly striving to find a bigger and better ways to solve the digital marketing challenges faced by agents large and small. But, above all else, Broker Frameworks strives to have a culture of integrity, innovation, and generosity.



We assembled our team with top-tier individuals who work creatively and collectively to accomplish amazing goals. The team brings experience:

Managing 1+ million dollar Google Adwords budgets for real estate brokerages
Building top-tier technology platforms processing 2+ billion dollars of customer transactions annually
Deploying applications that have passed elite certification requirements for direct Google API access
Creating and managing national sales teams for leading brands
Designing and implementing systems that interface with multiple real estate IDX boards


Higher Avg. Google Quality Scores


Google Top Ranked Ad Positions


Cost Per Click of Standard
Adwords Strategies


Higher ROI per lead


Broker Frameworks has developed a REVOLUTIONARY tool for Adwords and IDX lead generation.

- Justin Landis

BF Adwords campaigns have consistently outranked and outperformed every other competitor in our market.

- Kathy Justice



Broker Frameworks has a culture of innovation and creative thought. We believe that all gifts and talents are given for a purpose and are to be used for the benefit of those who have less. It is our desire to see our company not only serve a world class software product but to also serve and benefit the least of these in our world today.