Higher internet closings than ever before.

- Kathy Justice



Kathy Justice has long been an innovative and highly successful real estate agent. Long before the availability of digital IDX, Kathy's marketing mailings were packed full of local market statistics which built confidence in the minds of her clients. Kathy's targeted data marketing strategy on the upscale beachfront communities helped catapult her to the #1 selling agent in the region. For over 10 years she has maintained an over 50% real estate market share.

As Digital Marketing has grown in dominance more recently, Kathy has continued her success by leveraging the innovation found in Broker Frameworks Adwords solution.

The Broker Frameworks platform is core to our team's internet strategy and success.

Kathy Justice

Kathy Justice

In 2016, Kathy authorized Broker Frameworks to deploy the Adwords solution across hundreds of key locations, neighborhoods, and condo communities she was targeting.

Within weeks, Kathy’s location-focused ads were running at #1 ranked positions and generating quality leads unseen before. With Broker Frameworks, Kathy's team is now getting:

More traffic
More conversions
Lower cost per lead
Higher quality leads